Fuel Storage & Oil Storage Tanks Built to Last

Whether you're looking for a domestic fuel tank for your home or are looking for large-scale commercial fuel storage solutions, we can help you.

Terence Barker Tanks are the finest fuel tank company in the UK, serving clients nationwide. Your new tank is manufactured to your exact specifications, with full design, installation and after sales services.

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Fuel Storage Tanks

Blue cylindrical fuel tanks installed somewhere in the UK

Offering you the very best in commercial & domestic fuel storage tank manufacture, including ConVault ASTs - we are the only ConVault distributer within the UK!

Our Range of Services

A brand new fuel storage tank being delivered for installation in the UK

From fuel tank hire & installation to spares & repairs, we've got you covered. Available for clients across the UK - including our emergency tank breakdown service.

The Modular
Service Station

Is your company ready for a new solution to fuel dispensing? Our specialist Modular Service Station is the answer!

Click here to view our video explaining the set up.