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September 18, 2015
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December 3, 2015
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How do you get fresh water in the Antarctic?

How do you get fresh water in the Antarctic?

They can’t drink the sea (salt) water that is under the ice, so the only way to get drinking water when the temperature is below freezing is by melting ice or snow.

This is not any easy task, limited fuel, and -40° (C or F) weather which soon turned any water supply back to ice.

Eating snow could lead to hypothermia, with such a thin line between survival and death, even a small loss of body heat could have fatal consequences.

As well, the difference in temperature between the stomach and the snow or the winter air causes cramps and the sensation of unbearable burning.

We have been given the opportunity to manufacture 2 x 10,000L stainless steel storage tanks to provide the main source of water for Halley VI.

10,000L of snow will be packed into the tanks that contain 1” heating coil which will have hot water pumped around the floor of the tank to melt the snow.steel225

Here are a few working progress pictures from our factory

steel219 steel201