Above Ground Petrol Storage
January 12, 2016
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April 6, 2017
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Second Hand ConVault Above ground Petrol Storage For sale

Tank Specification :

41,600 Litre Convault above ground Petrol storage tank split 50/50 internally into two separate 20,800 litre compartments. Can be used to store different grade of petrol or petrol and diesel combination.

Fully fitted with British Standard access ladder and hand railings for safe and easy access to all top mounted equipment.

Fitted with Franklin Fuels submersible pumps. (for pressure delivery systems)

Suction lines. (for remote pumping delivery)

Class 1 leak detection system.

Tank level monitoring.

Overfill prevention equipment (Mechanical valves and electronic scully system)

Anti syphon valves. (pressure delivery)

Drain back valves. (pressure delivery)

Pressure relief vales. (pressure system)

Specification of tank equipment :

2 x IST-2-(ATXF) 403390905 2 hp variable speed STP w/AG seals.

2 x 5874202900 EcoVFC – VFC with pump protection and diagnostics features, for 380-415V three phase input.

1 x 08715 ST15wx – 3 Level Detector Controller 115V

1 x 09045L SP-TO 2 Wire Optic Sensor 27” long

2 x RIS-Diffuser-3 3” ris-diffuser

2 x G25009F deflector for suction lines

1 x TS550EDP T550 Evo Console with Display and Printer

1 x TS-PRB 12 input probe module for LL2 probes and DMS sensors

2 x TSP-LL2-113-I Inventory Probe for tanks up to 274cm

2 x TSP-IGF2 2″ Float Kit for Gasoline

1 x TS-ACI 12 input AC input module for dispenser hook-up inputs

1 x TS-420IB 8 input 4-20 mA module for ELLD and SCM

1 X TS-LS500/2 (ELLD sensor and leak generator kit – 2 sensors, 1 to be kept as spare)

1 x VS-SCCM/1 (SCM Module with 1 output)

2 x TSP-SCTK2B (2” BSPT tank containment install kit for SCM)

1 x TS-SCMCAL (SCM leak generator)

2 x TSP-C2B 2″ bottom mount Install Kit for Inventory Probe

Fill Point Cabinet Specification:

Remote stand alone fill point cabinet for tanker delivery to storage tank.

Separate pump units for each compartment.

Vapour recovery system for each compartment.

Tanker earth connections.

Emergency hand pump and dump tank system to clear tanker hose in case of uplift pump failure/power cut or other emergency scenarios.

Cabinet Equipment Specification:

2x Selpack 65/16 Eurostream Fuel Pump Station Units

2 x A2018 DD70 1” hand pump

2 x RIS-FLOW-3-MK2-FA stage 1 Vapour Recoery System

2 x GCA576F orange vapour cap

1 x 0100211004 earthing reel

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£90,000.00 Buy it now VAT Included