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Exclusive UK License for Manufacturing ConVault Tanks

Terence Barker Ltd proudly holds the exclusive UK license for manufacturing ConVault tanks, establishing ourselves as the premier supplier of above-ground fuel storage solutions. By actively employing superior design and manufacturing processes, we ensure that our tanks consistently deliver reliable and cost-effective solutions.

Superior Design and Manufacturing Processes

ConVault tanks feature a unique and robust design, consisting of a double-walled steel tank enclosed in concrete. This innovative construction provides exceptional protection against environmental damage, corrosion, leaks, and spills. With our state-of-the-art facility and expert team, we guarantee top-quality tanks that comply with the highest safety and environmental standards. Our commitment to quality craftsmanship ensures that our tanks meet all regulations, providing you with peace of mind.

Versatile Applications and Exceptional Customer Service

Our versatile ConVault tanks are highly adaptable to various applications, making them ideal for generator fuel storage, emergency backup power systems, construction equipment fueling stations, and airport fuel storage. Trusted and widely used in industrial and commercial settings, they provide secure storage for hazardous materials. At Terence Barker Ltd, we not only offer superior products but also exceptional customer service. Our dedicated team works closely with you to determine the ideal ConVault tank that suits your specific requirements. Moreover, our installation process prioritizes safety, efficiency, and minimal operational disruption.


Commercial bunded fuel storage tanks
Commercial bunded fuel storage tanks
Commercial bunded fuel storage tanks

ConVault – The Above-Ground Solution to the Underground Problem

Governments worldwide enforce strict guidelines for underground storage tanks (USTs), leading to complex paperwork, costly upgrades, and pollution liability concerns. Leaks from USTs incur catastrophic cleanup expenses. As above-ground fuel storage tanks (ASTs) gain prominence,

ConVault provides an innovative solution. Our unique design eliminates the need for costly UST compliance. Experience secure and efficient fuel storage with ConVault, ensuring peace of mind, simplified operations, and environmental safety. Choose ConVault for hassle-free, cost-effective, and compliant above-ground storage.

ConVault – Engineered for Safety

ConVault protected above ground petrol storage tanks are engineered to survive in the real world.

Utilising patented manufacturing procedures, the resulting product is a tank for flammable liquids seamlessly encapsulated in a 150 mm thick monolithic concrete shell with integral secondary containment, thermal stability, vehicle impact protection, and projectile protection.

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Once you’re happy that a ConVault above ground storage tank is what you need, then please contact us to talk about your requirements and book your site survey.

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