Fuel Tank Services: Manufacturing, Installation, and Hire

Our services encompass the manufacturing, installation, and hiring of bunded fuel tanks. With expertise in the industry, we offer comprehensive solutions to meet your fuel storage needs. Whether you require a customized tank manufactured to your specifications, a professional installation service, or the flexibility of tank rental, our services are tailored to provide efficient and reliable fuel storage solutions. Trust us to deliver high-quality products and exceptional customer service, ensuring compliance, safety, and peace of mind for your business.

Tank Installation Service

Now that you’ve had your custom fuel tank manufactured, we’ll fully install it for you too! You’ll receive a complete fuel tank installation service from start to finish. Everything is planned to your requirements, from the delivery of your tank on-site to support for the life of your tank.  You can rely on us and our extensive knowledge to get the project completed from start to finish, no matter how big or small! You can also depend on us for ongoing backup on-site services.

Our methods of working comply with the Institute of Petroleum Code of Safe Practice, MOD – SRP 03, Health & Safety Executive and Environment Agency

Bunded Tank Hire

Do you have a short, medium or long-term need for a diesel storage tank? We can help!

Here at Terence Barker, we have the largest fuel storage tank hire fleet in the country! We can deliver hire tanks from 1300 Litres to 55,000 Litres at short notice anywhere in the UK.

Fuel Tank Hire Services

No matter what tank specifications you need, get in touch with our team today. We can go through your exact requirements and give you the perfect effective solution in no time.

Our rental rates are very competitive and cost-effective. For more costing details, contact us today!


  • Bunded 300 gal (1363L)
  • Bunded 600 gal (2727L)
  • Bunded 1000 gal (4546L)
  • Bunded 1500 gal (6819L)
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  • Bunded 2000 gal (9092L)
  • Bunded 2200 gal (10000L)
  • Bunded 2500 gal (11365L)
  • Bunded 3900 gal (17729L)
  • Bunded 4000 gal (18184L)
  • Bunded 5000 gal (22730L)
  • Bunded 6000 gal (27276L)
  • Bunded 10000 gal (45460L)
  • Bunded 12000 gal (54552L


  • 2286mm x 780mm x 1820mm
  • 2286mm x 1400mm x 1830mm
  • 3125mm x 1580mm x 1880mm
  • 3175mm x 2000mm x 2388mm
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  • 4000mm x 2180mm x 2600mm
  • 3835mm x 2032mm x 2600mm
  • 3860mm x 2438mm x 2692mm
  • 4622mm x 2032mm x 2600mm
  • 4572mm x 3073mm x 3200mm
  • 5486mm x 2438mm x 2895mm
  • 6223mm x 2311mm x 2743mm
  • 4699mm x 2641mm x 3048mm
  • 6781mm x 2488mm x 2844mm
  • 6476mm x 2793mm x 3302mm
  • 7721mm x 2793mm x 3048mm
  • 6248mm x 2895mm x 3402mm
  • 9144mm x 3048mm x 3402mm
  • 10693mm L x 2768mmD x 3225mm H TBA (Cylindrical)


  • 490 kgs
  • 695 kgs
  • 1005 kgs
  • 1500 kgs
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  • 2560 kgs
  • 3290 kgs
  • 3440 kgs
  • 4600 kgs
  • 4700 kgs
  • 6000 kgs
  • 6500 kgs
  • 7090 kgs
  • 9025 kgs

Coded Welding & Fabrication

Terence Barker Ltd can offer a full range of welding and fabrication services in a wide range of thicknesses, from 1mm sheet right up to 12mm plate.
Our fabrication workshop is serviced by overhead cranes. This allows us to produce large scale fabrications from vessels and tanks to frameworks and cabinets.
Our 11 metre long high definition plasma coupled with our ring rollers allow us to produce rolled cylinders up to 3200 mm in diameter and 8mm thick. All welding is performed to a BS EN 287-1 Standard

  • CNC Hydraulic Press brake Work – 3000 mm x 6 mm capacity
  • Plate Bending – 2550mm x 8mm rolling capacity
  • High Definition Plasma Cutting – 1mm – 12mm x 10,000mm long capacity
  • A Full Design and Fabricate Service – or to your own drawings


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